Glenn Plunkett, the owner of The Accounting Store first developed the concept when he owned a real estate brokerage firm.

He also realized that he was a typical small business owner who didn’t know how information from his books could be used to grow and manage his business.

Once he recognized the value of having good financial records and tax advice he began thinking of how other small business owners could benefit from such a service.

Glenn envisioned a firm that combined reasonably priced bookkeeping, accounting and tax services with sound business advice to business owners.

Another part of that vision was to help those business owners become successful more quickly.

Achieving success would enable these business owners to live the life of their dreams.

Glenn opened The Accounting Store in March of 2006 after several years of experience in the accounting world ranging from being a controller for the Canadian Armed Forces to the Director of Finance for a multinational manufacturing and marketing company.

Since then he has helped hundreds of small businesses become successful.

Our current focus at The Accounting Store is helping small business owners move their accounting records and services to the cloud.

This provides the owners with access to their current records at all times and from any place.

It also reduces the cost to the business owner and allows for easy and complete communication between the business owner and the accountant.