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Roots began with a simple idea and a desire to make it happen. In 1973, Michael Budman and Don Green created Roots. They were inspired by their passion for Ontario’s Algonquin Park and everything it represented for them. From the outset, Roots was also based on a keen sense of aesthetics and certain values shared by Don and Michael.

Their goal was to translate their affinity for the Canadian wilderness and sports into a distinctive line of genuine leather products and authentic athletic wear. All this, while promoting a healthy, active lifestyle and respect for the environment. Starting in Toronto with footwear, Roots evolved to include quality leather bags, jackets, accessories, natural fiber clothing and home furnishings. The leather products have always been made in Canada at our own factory in Toronto.

In the spring of 1973, as Don and Michael were laying the groundwork for their new business, one aspect was proving especially elusive. They did not yet have a name for their soon-to-be-launched natural footwear company. Of course, without a name, there could also be no logo.

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