Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Rocky Mountain Soap Company - Who are we ?

We are an eclectic and passionate group of individuals (who at any given moment, might smell collectively like 23 different flavors of soap) living and working in Canmore, Alberta. Rocky is owned by Cam Baty and Karina Birch, a young couple who have nurtured the company from its days as a 300 square foot shop in Canmore to the now 8 stores and 7000 square foot workshop. Cam and Karina balance running a rapidly growing company with raising two rapidly growing young girls

We’ve got some of the best skiing, hiking and biking in the world on our doorstep. We enjoy doing yoga in the workshop, and playing hooky to go skiing. We enjoy going for a run with our work buddies (in fact we enjoyed going for a run so much that we hosted a Women’s Run this April; it went over so well that we’ll do it again next year. Why don’t you join us?

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