Creating and effective and efficient network of able professionals that covers the whole Toronto Greater Area is not an easy feat.

Many years have passed since Matrix Locksmith started as a small workshop in the heart of Toronto and started its expansion to virtually all surrounding communities.

The first thing that had to be overcome was our ability to offer the same service we delivered in Toronto for the people who live in farther communities.

It was only possible by acquiring a large fleet of mobile units and hiring the best technicians in the many localities we serve.

We deliver the best and latest products available for the protection of homes, businesses and vehicles.

And we have a passion for helping our community and be the safe keepers of their peace of mind.

The locksmith industry is one that depends on trust and honesty. Having and expert that is able to open any locking or safe keeping device is something that comes with high levels of trust.

That’s why we guarantee that every one of our technicians goes through the most extensive psychological and background checks before their training even starts.

Technology advances have an extremely fast pace, and those who are not on the tip of their toes, risk being left behind.

Periodical certification ensures better technicians who will know how to solve your problem in the most cost efficient way.

This is the best way to keep prices lower than the competition, while offering truly long lasting solutions

Our mission is to provide our neighbors and fellow citizens with the latest protection technology so they can live a happy and peaceful life without worrying about unnecessary risk to their property and lives.

Achieving our goals is not an easy feat, but we have been working tirelessly for more than 15 years.

Matrix Locksmith is proud of having served thousands of homeowners and businesses from Oakville to Aurora.