Marine Life, which is based in Red Deer AB grew from being a sole proprietorship in 2015 to a limited company in 6 short months.

We are built on a strong foundation of customer service, product knowledge, and responsible fish management. 

What sets us apart from the competition?

We are the only saltwater aquarium store in the Red Deer area that is owned and operated by hobbyists.

We also have a great selection of Freshwater fish and inverts.

We are passionate about our hobby and the animals we keep.

Because of this, we have a strong commitment to ethical animal treatment and sustainable collection.

What customers can expect from us: We stock what we sell, We medicate our fish in independently filtered and closely monitored systems.

We only ship fish that are healthy and eating. As well, we will only ship corals that are healthy and have been acclimated to the aquarium environment.

Our assortment of onsite available for purchase aquariums allows visual presentation of a variety of products, while simultaneously giving our customers interesting ideas for their own creations as well as possible future additions.

We specialize in Custom Built Aquarium Systems, and work extensively with designers, builders, and the general public in providing aquarium set ups for both residential, and commercial displays.