From an earlier age Peter was drawn to making functional wooden objects. Knowing he wanted to carve a career from working with wood, Peter completed the two year cabinet carpentry program at Dartmouth Vocational School.

From those early beginnings he followed his passion to The Joinery Shop in Halifax working with some of Nova Scotia’s finest cabinetmakers.

This was an invaluable experience of sharing ideas, learning and being inspired by others that gave a strong foundation to Peter’s woodworking skills. He has also won wide acclaim for his custom furniture and craftsmanship.

David took another path, moving to Antigonish in the mid-seventies and turning to woodworking from his love of the Keppoch Mountain forest around him and a strong desire to work from home.

He started producing small functional wooden items that he marketed at local craft shows which Peter also contributed to from his Halifax location.

In the early 80’s Peter moved to Antigonish to start MacLean Brothers Woodworking.