MTJB has been providing childcare services as a non-profit since 1987.

We are licensed by the Ministry of Education to ensure quality and safety for our children..

We are located in Grenville County. Currently, M.T.J.B is licensed to operate 5 sites – 1 in the Maynard community, 2 within the Town of Kemptville and 2 within the Town of Prescott.

M.T.J.B. offers a safe and nurturing environment, with a wide range of opportunities for children to learn and grow.

We provide nutritious snacks & lunches, a play-based curriculum, plenty of outdoor activities, kindergarten readiness programming and much, much more.

We give your child a chance to make new friends and socialize with children his or her own age. M.T.J.B. also offers a wide range of exciting activities during the summer, such as guest speakers, swimming, water fun days, cooking experiences and lots more.

Our teachers are RECE, CYW, SSW or DSW  trained. Staff are also certified in CPR and First Aid training.

Our educators also participate in numerous courses, workshops and seminars to ensure that their skills are current, given the constantly changing early childhood education landscape.

Please take time to browse through our website for more detailed information on the services that M.T.J.B. offers.