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Favicon I'll never go to Lenscrafters again. Got fit for ... 22 Feb 2018, 6:04 pm

11:04pm Feb 22
I'll never go to Lenscrafters again. Got fit for my new progressives Feb 9th and was told 7-10 days (which I thought was really long, but oh, well) I went in after 10 days because I was getting impatient and was told "Oh, we meant 10 BUSINESS days, count only M-F" (even thought they're open 7 days a week.) Got a call from them today, February 23rd and was told the lens makers JUST got the frames from the manufacturer (???) and it'll be 7-10 days now from today. Basically, Feb 9 - March 4, a month, to get a pair of glasses that I desperately need from Lenscrafters, Never again. Because of this experience, my spouse decided to steer clear of Lenscrafters and last week he went to one of their competitors. He got glasses with progressive lens on the same day. 6 hours. Designer frames.

Favicon I don’t see any customer post on this page. I w... 22 Feb 2018, 5:08 pm

10:08pm Feb 22
I don’t see any customer post on this page. I would just like to let everyone know that I have had the works eye exam and the poorest quality lenses I have ever experienced. I will never purchase any glasses from LensCrafters again and recommend that no one goes there.

Favicon RANT TIME: (Monroe outlet mall location) Extremely... 22 Feb 2018, 1:44 pm

6:44pm Feb 22
RANT TIME: (Monroe outlet mall location) Extremely disappointed in my first and what will be only experience at lenscrafters. Purchased my first pair of glasses in over 6 years here, found a pair I absolutely loved, went all out getting the scratch resistant coating, anti glare/anti reflective poly lenses, etc etc. Paid a good amount of money of course, and was told it would be 2 weeks for them. Fine, it's 1/31 and this is a late birthday present to myself, so about 2 weeks. Get a call on 2/4 from the store manager that my lenses came in defective and a replacement order has been placed and expedited so worst case, another 2 weeks from then. That puts us at 2/18, whatever. However, I get a text on 2/8 that they will be ready for pickup tomorrow so now hell yeah, I'm excited. I call the store and speak to Jesse, who tells me they aren't in and I got that text because the first order had been canceled/closes which prompted the text. Alrighty, that's cool, so 2/18 it is then. That falls on a Sunday so I call Saturday to check on everything and am told they should be in Monday morning and they'll call me as soon as they come in. Sweet! However, Monday rolls around, 6pm no call, so I call them. Still not in. Shocker. So I call every day following, speaking to different people, get told it's been escalated, they'll have the regional manager call me, blah blah. Never get a call from anyone, the store let alone a regional manager. So today, now 2/22, I call and finally get to speak to Jesse again. He's not sure why no one followed up with me. His solution would be to cancel the order again, reorder it as highest priority (again) and it should be done within 7 business days. All this has been done, but why not? So let's see how this plays out. Almost $400 and a whole month later, but I'll give then one last shot I guess. I can assure you lenscrafters will never have my or anyone I can influence's business ever again. I want to make clear I have no issues with the people at the store necessarily, other than never following up with me, but the business practices and situation overall. Worst customer service experience ever.

Favicon The Manchester New Hampshire store is awful. Total... 21 Feb 2018, 2:35 pm

7:35pm Feb 21
The Manchester New Hampshire store is awful. Totally unprofessional. If you call you'll be on hold for 10 minutes and if you go in you'll be ignored entirely. I just wanted to make an eye doctor appointment. I'm going elsewhere. After years and years I am done with LensCrafters.

Favicon When you want a look that is both classic and dist... 20 Feb 2018, 8:51 pm

1:51am Feb 21
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