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Favicon I went to store 930 at Markville Mall in Markham, ... 20 Feb 2019, 11:10 am

4:10pm Feb 20
I went to store 930 at Markville Mall in Markham, Ontario 2/19/19 around 4p.m. I had a basic perscription -3.25 on both eyes to be done with basic frames. I was told they couldn't do my glasses in an hour despite 9p.m. closure because lab techies leave at 6p.m. which I found strange. Stranger still was that they told me that they wouldn't be done until THURSDAY 48hrs later gaurenteed despite trying for TODAY. What's going on here? I'm not complaining but you guys are known for a 1hr gaurentee until it's ridiculously hard to make. I noticed also that there was a really skeleton staff yesterday and tha it was right after being closed on a national holiday. The sooner I get my glassesthe happier I will be to see perfectly. The staff that took my order were nothing but nice btw. I just don't get the 48hr wait time they're telling me. I never got an explanation despite asking.

Favicon Well where do I start? In March of 2018, I went to... 20 Feb 2019, 3:07 am

8:07am Feb 20
Well where do I start? In March of 2018, I went to LC in Barton Creek Mall. I choose a beautiful Coach frame and had my Progressive prescription filled. When I received my glasses, they adjusted them and I was on my merry way. I hadn't renewed my prescription in 4 years. I went home and had difficulty seeing clearly without squinting. Back up to Lens Crafters where they stayed my prescription and measurements were accurate, it must just be me.... Mhmmm they did adjust the frame to fit better on my face. Being the uninformed eye glass person, I was, I continued for the next 10 months squinting and resorting to a pair of glasses I had made at another eye care store. Fast forward to February of 2019....

After creating permanent crows feet on the corner of my eyes from squinting,I was determined to get a new pair of glasses because my eye sight was deteriorating. Back to the optometrist for a new prescription. When he took a reading of my glasses and tested me on the machine, he determined my glasses were not cut right and the prescription was wrong (Lens Crafters doing.) The doctor was very genuine and reassured me my glasses just needed a slight adjustment and prescription change.

I took my prescription into Lens Crafters (Barton Creek)told them the story and was quickly shot down by employee arrogance and all knowing attitude. I was wrong. The doctor was wrong and my glasses were right. Ok. I didn't feel like even debating this with them. There was no way they would recut my lens or make me a new lens without charging me for a full pair. They only give a 30 day guarantee and would never admit wrongdoing.

So I went ahead and had another pair of glasses made after being completely intimidated and belittled by the assistant manager. Picked them up a week later and they were blurry. I took them to the Lens Crafters in Hill Country Galleria where I was treated with dignity and professionalism.

They immediately told me my glasses were cut wrong to the measurement of my eye. They graciously redid them for me. While there, I asked them to look at the pair of glasses the other LC turned away as being perfect. The LC at Hill Country stated the prescription was wrong and they were not cut to my measurements. It was slight but enough to make me see blurry. They stated take them back to Barton Creek talk to the manager who creates the lenses and he assured me they would take care of me because clearly it was LC fault.

I called Barton Creek 2 times spoke with the arrogant assistant manager and she stated she would talk to the manager and call me back. She blew me off and never returned my call or followed up. I went back in to LC Barton Creek and the assistant manager was rude. She told me the other LC at Galleria was wrong. They did my glasses properly and she could do nothing for me. I asked her if she talked to the manager and she stated no but that she had asked her a few questions about my glasses. Again, rude, everyone else is wrong and they were right. I get it's been 10 months. I get they are a money making business but to get 2 pairs of glasses cut improperly by the same location cannot be a coincidence.

In addition, the service and level of professionalism was absolutely horrible. This LC has such a bad reputation from doctors and other locations that they have difficulty getting people to work here.

If you don't want to throw money away on glasses, stay away from this location. If you want good service, I highly recommend LC at Hill Country Galleria. Sorry to say after 4 family members getting there glasses yearly at LC we will be going elsewhere for our business.

Favicon Check out this Yelp review for LensCrafters! 20 Feb 2019, 2:46 am

7:46am Feb 20
Check out this Yelp review for LensCrafters!

Favicon Hello. I just wanted to give a good feedback about... 19 Feb 2019, 9:38 pm

2:38am Feb 20
Hello. I just wanted to give a good feedback about a great customer service that I got, when I was shopping for a pair of glasses for my daughter in Toronto Eaton's Centre. I was impressed by the amazing service that I got from an Optician named Mensura (410457), on February 9th, 2019. Store: 910. I wanted to share this info with you, so that Mensura can be acknowledged for the wonderful things she did helping my daughter getting a great pair of glasses. The new glasses also arrived earlier than promised, which is great. We are very happy with the new glasses. Thank you Mensura and LensCrafters. You guys are doing great things in Toronto.

Favicon Not happy with the Lenscrafters in Columbia, SC. ... 17 Feb 2019, 5:16 pm

10:16pm Feb 17
Not happy with the Lenscrafters in Columbia, SC. Went to pick up my glasses the first time and they didn't want to listen to me. I tell them the progressive lens on the bottom was wrong, that the right eye was not clear. They insisted that I had to get used to the progressive lens a d I should have paid for more expensive lenses. I push the issue and them they realize that the measurement was off on the right eye. They remeauure and send off for replacement lenses and I come back in to get my glasses a 2nd time. This time the bottom part of the lenses is 100% good but the top lens is only clear straight ahead. Again they tell me I should have bought the more expensive lenses and that I have to get used to progressive lenses. That if I want to see clear for distances I would have to turn my head and not move my eyes to look to each side. Also when they first showed me options they only showed me expensive lenses and left out standard lenses as if they were not an option. Very disappointed and will not return.

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