Protecting the health of your lawn is an important aspect of maintaining your property.

Regular lawn care can increase yard appeal and protect your property from unnecessary pests or water damage.

At Leduc's Snow Removal and Landscaping, we pride ourselves in offering services that exceed our customer’s expectations at an industry competitive cost.

We make our customers happy because we take the time to do the little things well.

Our owner is a hardworking individual who has worked his way up the ladder of the industry, from production manager to business owner.

Leduc's Snow Removal and Landscaping offers commercial and residential property maintenance services in Winnipeg.

We handle everything, from lawn maintenance, to snow and debris removal. Call for a free quote!

Taking care of your property is a big responsibility. But when you call Leduc's Snow Removal and Landscaping, we can handle some of the toughest tasks you need done.

Our commercial and residential property maintenance services in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas include snow removal, snow clearing, debris hauling, rough terrain cutting, vegetation control, and skid steer service.

No matter how harsh the weather may become, we’ll be there to help you!

Due to recurring problems every season, it's vital to practice lawn service on a regular basis. Hiring professional lawn care in Winnipeg, MB and the surrounding areas could be worthwhile, particularly with the amount of tools, products, and equipment needed to get lawns into great condition.

We have the skills and knowledge required to make your grass the greenest, thickest, and healthiest possible.

Come to us for residential and commercial litter control, and we’ll help make sure your lawn is free of garbage, snow, or anything else that may threaten it’s look or its health.

For more information on all of our commercial property maintenance services, contact us at Leduc's Snow Removal and Landscaping today.