Lecky Quinn is a law firm located in the heart of downtown Charlottetown serving clients both within and outside of the province.

We are dedicated to serving Prince Edward Island families and businesses with compassion, diligence, and efficiency.

The aim is to build and maintain long-standing relationships, not simply “one-off” professional services.

The firm’s lawyers are its founding partners: Kenneth and Isaac.

At Lecky Quinn, Kenneth and Isaac foster a professional yet casual atmosphere where clients can feel at ease.

The team is positive, easy-going, and all genuinely care about clients.

We focus on providing high quality legal work for reasonable fees; you aren’t “on the clock” unless our lawyers are advancing your file.

At Lecky Quinn we strive to provide you with estimates on cost up front.

We take this pragmatic approach because it results in higher client satisfaction and fosters stronger relationships with both institutional clients as well as with individuals and families.

Trust is at the heart of any relationship, whether it be professional or otherwise.