Your eyes contain numerous complex and sensitive tissues and structures, making them one of the most difficult organs of the body to treat.

And, your vision is one of the most important of your five senses, and one that you depend upon for much of your daily routines.

That’s why it’s important to choose a doctor of optometry that is knowledgeable, takes time to answer your questions, and has the qualifications to identify eye disorders and diseases that professionals in other medical disciplines may miss.

The optometrists of Langley Optometry have spent years honing their craft and increasing their knowledge to provide a truly invaluable service to the community. 

For those new to the area, or anyone looking to find an optometrist in Langley that can fulfill all of their eye health and eyewear needs, we welcome you to Langley Optometry.

When visiting our optometrists in Langley, we’re confident you’ll find them to be experienced in all of our service offerings, including regular eye exams, post-surgical follow-ups, contact lens fittings, and help in choosing the perfect eyewear for your needs and lifestyle.

We carry a wide range of frames, contacts and prescription sunglasses. And thanks to our on-site lab, we can quickly fix your broken glasses or customize your new pair to fit your face perfectly.

If you are a new patient, or it’s simply been a while since your last visit, we invite you schedule an appointment with our Langley optometrists, today!

The History of Your Langley Optometry Clinic

We want you to feel confident when you choose us as your Langley optometrist.

We understand that you can only trust someone after you get to know them, so we would like to tell you about the long history of our clinic and more about our doctors. 

We have proudly served the Langley, Surrey and surrounding communities since 1949.

Our founder, Dr. Norm Armstrong, originally established our practice on Fraser Highway, but we later moved to our current office on Douglas Crescent.

In 1987, Dr. Craig Harding joined the practice and was a co-owner two years later before becoming sole owner in 1996.

Our patients have trusted us for many years, and we look forward to becoming the Langley optometrists that you rely on, too!