La Vogue Vintage is a story that began in the Art Deco period of the 1930`s and continues to provide clients with an exceptional choice of uniquely designed jewelry masterpieces.

Created using the timeless techniques and experience garnered through the ages, La Vogue Vintage draws upon influences from around the world, including the United Kingdom and South Africa, to bring to the global market vintage jewelry and decorative antique accessories that are exclusive to our customers.

Quality workmanship, pride and enthusiasm are the heart and soul of this family business that has been hand crafting jewelry for decades and is now engaged in upcycling vintage pieces for future generations.

A traditional work ethic and attention to detail brings handmade jewelry back into the market place to enjoy the status it so richly deserves.

This, together with a deep knowledge of antique jewelry, enables our crafts men to sympathetically restore pieces to their former glory, thus giving our clients the ability to enjoy jewels of great worth.

In order to produce jewelry for the 21st century La Vogue Vintage has explored history to discover the materials and techniques that have influenced design and craftsmanship and has endeavoured to highlight the skills that would have been required, for the future.

The use of natural materials has been maintained as far as possible, although extensive research has revealed the methods used to recreate some of the manmade materials of the past that were thought to have been lost to the industry.

The skill and knowledge that the La Vogue Vintage team is able to apply when creating beautiful and decorative accessories for personal adornment and the home are the hallmark that sets our pieces apart.

These attributes translate into a confidence and excellence that is conveyed to clients when they purchase any creation from La Vogue Vintage.