Kingdom Kids Christian Child Care is a Bible based program that welcomes all families.

We take everyday Christian education and combine it with developmentally appropriate learning activities to make each day a positive experience for your child.

We do not adhere to one particular doctrine but support a Christian belief that is non judgmental and fosters good will, values, and morals that pertain to everyday life experiences.
Our program offers more than just "child care".

We provide a rich, nurturing surrounding and a fun learning environment for your child’s spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth.

We provide opportunities for children to select, explore, and practice various skills through a variety of materials and prepared activities, as we believe that young children learn through hands-on experience and participation.

Our program philosophy is based on the premise that children learn to make sense of the world around them through play.

What may look like “child’s play” to an adult is actually learning in progress.

We also believe that children learn best when they are motivated, actively involved and engaged in these chosen activities.
Kingdom Kids is an inclusive center that believes all children have the right to child care.

Children with special/exceptional needs will require an individual program to be developed by the center, the child’s parents/guardians and any additional professionals at your consent.

All efforts will be made to meet the needs of each individual child.