For over forty years, the Heritage Green community has been our home.

Twenty-five of which, have been dedicated to building and fostering our Kindertown community.

This has always been a family project, and each year, our family tends to grow just a little bit more.

As each new family enters our doors, bringing with them new perspectives, ideas and a greater sense of diversity, our older friends go on to brighten the days of fellow educators in the neighboring primary schools.

During this time, we have learned, rather humbly, to take great pride in these efforts. It has always given us pleasure to know that we are doing our small part to help nurture the future of our Heritage Green community.

However, by being an intrinsic part of this growth, we quickly realized that it is our responsibility to constantly grow, evolve and learn, not just for our students, but also for our community as a whole.

As an independent organization, devoted to providing quality childcare, we have learned that without intent, dedication and passion, this is impossible.

Whether that is reflected in our learning environments and programming, our urban garden, or the home cooked meals we provide each day, our goal is to ensure Kindertown serves as a representation, not just of our family, but yours as well.