Sasha first studied at the State Art School in the Ukraine where she learned many different forms of art.

She designed theatrical props, painted with oil and moved into making ceramics for a few years just to find herself creating jewellery out of clay and porcelain.

It was then she knew that in order to express her talent to the best of her abilities she needs to learn metal arts. 

Upon finding her new home in Canada it was then that she realized that she must pursue her jewellery passion.

Sasha went back to school to study Jewellery Art and Design and continued on that path for nearly twenty years working as a professional goldsmith for some of the most renown jewellers in Vancouver, BC.

In 2008, Sasha opened a home-based studio in Richmond, B.C. where she began designing and creating custom pieces for private clients all the while still working full time for two other jewellery companies.

Over the years the number of clientele had grown, so in 2011 Sasha decided to venture out on her own and open a retail jewellery store and design studio in a beautiful historical part of Richmond, B.C. An occasional weekend walk in Steveston Village resulted in spotting a lovely storefront available for lease and Sasha had an instant vision of her future business. 

In March 2011 Sasha’s company, Juvelisto Design, opened the doors for the first time.  Immediately Juvelisto created interest among the locals and visitors of Steveston. Since its opening, Juvelisto has been very successful because it has developed a reputation for being known for its extraordinary level of craftsmanship and customer service.