Just White Shirts

Founded in the mid 1990s by three Canadian businessmen, Justwhiteshirts provides professionals high quality, 100% cotton dress shirts, silk ties and socks at reasonable prices. Starting with the best-selling Chairman's Choice white shirts, we have delivered 15 Years of Great Shirts to our savvy and loyal customers. To meet the demands of our customers, we've expanded our selection to dress shirts, sports shirts, jackets and blazers, ties, casual accessories and much more.

Using the finest fabrics from around the world, our dress shirts feature a generous cut and meticulous single needle tailoring. Our buttonholes are stitched 144 times to ensure non-ravel wear. Our collars are designed with removable stays and the finest linings, producing an immaculate finish that appears soft and crisp after each wash. We provide these high quality shirts at affordable prices through a simple formula - global sourcing, a relentless focus on quality, and marketing without a middleman.

In addition to our stores, the online and catalog business, we also operate our Warehouse Store in the Greater Toronto area. To select a shirt from the GREATEST DRESS SHIRT collection in ANY single retail location, visit our Warehouse store on Leslie St.

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