Image Electric was started in 2010, by Jesse Kennedy.

After working for years in the construction industry for his father, who owned a contracting business, he decided to shift gears, and go to school to become an electrician.

He Apprenticed under some of the best electrical companies while going through his schooling.

Gaining extensive experience in all facets of the electrical trade.

Once his schooling was completed, Jesse wasted no time at all going into business for himself.

He started off with small beginnings by wiring the houses that his fathers company would build.

However, it wasn’t long before he out grew the small, residential electrical work, and moved on to much bigger projects.

Jesse continues to grow and expand Image Electric, always hiring new trades workers, and apprentices.

He is well known for taking in apprentices and guiding them, teaching them the highest standards of the electrical trade.

He also has spent time as a professor, teaching the young apprentices the way of electricity, sharing his extensive background with the next generation of electricians.