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Nail & Wing Clippings

If you struggle with clipping your dog or cat's nails, or your birds wings, bring them on into Homes Alive. We always have an expert on hand that will assist you. No more wrestling, biting, scratching, or bleeding.
FREE Water Testing

If you are experiencing issues with your fish, and you just don't know why, come into Homes Alive Pet Centre and we will test your water for FREE. We are here to explain the results to you, and help you have the best aquarium experience possible.
Aquarium Maintenance

Leave your aquarium with experts that you can trust. Homes Alive offers an aquarium maintenance service where we will send an expert out to your house to maintain your aquarium for you while you are away on vacation, or if you just don't want to get your hands wet. Call us @ 1-800-839-7232 for more details.

Birthday Parties
Bring life to any party with Homes Alive's Birthday Party Package. Homes Alive will send a pet expert along with an assortment of furry, friendly, and even scaly (if you choose) critters for a fun and exotic birthday party experience. Call us @ 1-800-839-7232 to book your next birthday party.

School Visits & Tours
There is no better way to learn than to experience. Homes Alive will host field trips, or we will visit schools, creating an exciting, experiential, and fantastic learning environment for all ages. Call us @ 1-800-839-7232 to book your next school tour.