There’s A Reason We’re Known As Vancouver’s Finest Of Fine Jewelers.

Yes, we’ve been helping people find the perfect jewelry since before man stepped on the moon.

We opened in 1964, to be precise, and we’ve been in the care of the same family that entire time, growing from strength to strength.

But you want to know the real reason we’re an amazing place to buy jewelry, don’t you? Ok, here it is then:

We love jewelry.

We do. Truly, madly, deeply. We love diamonds, gold and sapphires.

We admire rings, necklaces and earrings. We’ve even been known to covet the occasional tiara.

Whenever we see a new piece for the first time, we have what we like to call a Harling’s Moment. Honestly, we just can’t help ourselves.

In fact, a genuine passion for the art of jewelry is our main criteria for selecting new members of the Harling’s family.

We’re approached by people with great resumes, impressive skills and detailed knowledge all the time, but a true jewelry enthusiast can recognize their own kind.

Which is how we’ve ended up with a truly amazing collection of experts to help you with any aspect of jewelry ownership, from selection and design, through to purchase, insurance, care & cleaning, and even appraisals.

We’ve also become Vancouver’s most trusted name in jewelry insurance replacement and we are recognized as the authority on claims management, particularly when it comes to unique pieces that have been in your family for generations and are difficult to replace.

Learn more about our insurance services here.

We’re proud of being part of the Vancouver community, and we love to host special events, including The Bachelor Canada.

We’re also thrilled to be home of TACORI LOFT, part of our commitment to remaining Vancouver’s premier TACORI dealer.

You really don’t need any reason other than a love of jewelry to come for a visit and a chat.

If you’re the sort of person who believes a quick browse of a cabinet full of exquisite pieces is enough to brighten anyone’s day, you’ll find like-minded souls on the other side of the counter at Harling’s.