Ghualm Murtaza is a licensed, qualified, and experienced Canadian immigration lawyer.

He is a member in good standing of The Law Society of British Columbia.

At GMS Law Corporation, we are pleased to offer services in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi languages.

GMS Law Corporation deals in all kind of Canadian immigration matters.

We are based in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada and most of our clientele is from Western Canada.

At the same time, we have served many clients of diverse ethnicities who had Canadian immigration issues from various countries most notably from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand and other South Asian countries.

Our immigration practice mainly deals with appeals at Immigration Appeals Division (IAD) for refused sponsorship cases for spouses, parents or other family members, non-compliance of residency obligations, refused adoption cases, detention reviews, and admissibility hearings at Immigration Division (ID), refugee claim hearings at Refugee Protection Division (RPD) and Judicial review applications to the Federal Court of Canada. 

If you have questions or concerns about serious issues like allegations of criminality, misrepresentation, admissibility hearings or if you have been declared inadmissible to Canada and have been issued a removal order or if the immigration applications of your spouse or parents have been refused or have a pending appeal with Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) or your refugee claim has been refused, you can schedule an in person confidential meeting or consultation over the phone.

We have in depth knowledge of Canada's immigration law and several years of experience in dealing with complex Canadian immigration matters and specialize in appeals to IAD for refused sponsorship cases for reasons like financial, medical, residency obligations, criminality, or concerns about marriage being not genuine etc.