Glass Monocle Eyecare was created to give the public an experience in shopping for eyewear.

From curated collections of the latest trends, to highly specific lenswear and eye health exams, we want to give you nothing short of a wonderful product on top of a wonderful experience.

We aim to create a harmonious relationship between the health care and the shopping experience. 

We based our company on providing three ideas:

1. An unparalleled level of service in hospitality and technicality.
2. Products and equipment of superior quality. 
3. An amazing value for you! 

In every brand we sign, every lens company we partner with, we'll always ask ourselves if it fits into this. We do everything we can to achieve a poetic balance between them.

What does your eye health exam include? 

Aside from a thorough visual assessment for your latest prescription, we also test for a myriad of health indicators. Gone are the days of the primitive puff of air; you won't even know we've done the test!

Our doctors test for glaucoma, cataracts, retinal health, and even ocular muscle function. There are so many things that can arise well before it affects your vision, all of which are doctors are well versed in checking for.