The foundations for Fort Group Chartered Professional Accountants Inc. were laid in 1972 by Terry J. Prychitko, FCA, who began a public practice accounting firm in Winnipeg.

With the addition of partners Hart Kapitoler, CA in 1975 and Gary Burdey, CA in 1978, the firm evolved into Prychitko Kapitoler Burdey Chartered Accountants. Richard G. Senez, who joined the practice in 1996, was admitted into partnership in 2000.

The firm practiced under the name Prychitko Kapitoler Burdey Chartered Accountants until February 1, 2001 when it merged with Walker & Walker Chartered Accountants to form PKBW Group Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors.

This merger resulted in the addition of Bob Walker, CA and Tim Walker, CA as two new partners to the firm.

December 2003 saw the retirement of Terry J. Prychitko and Hart Kapitoler, followed six years later by the retirement of Gary Burdey in December 2009.

December 2013 brought the retirement of Tim Walker, and Bob Walker retired one year later in December 2014 .

Richard Senez retired in December of 2016. Fort Group thanks its founders for the rich and professional history we uphold today.

With the amalgamation of the designations Chartered Accountants, Certified Management Accountants and Certified General Accountants to Chartered Professional Accountants, the partners at PKBW Group decided to rebrand under the name Fort Group Chartered Professional Accountants to highlight our downtown location on Winnipeg's historic Fort Street, and to symbolize the strength and security that we bring to our clients.

Our current partners are Aaron Pauls, CPA, CA, Kevin Ploegman, CPA, CA, Brian Walker, CPA, CA, and Alex Yaworski, CPA, CMA, CMC.