At DLA, our partners lead a dedicated team of accounting professionals who truly enjoy breaking the stereotypes of what people perceive an accounting firm to be. 

We’re not in the commodity game of accounting, we’re here to help individuals, families and businesses grow and prosper.

DLA is large enough to provide a wealth of resources, but small enough to ensure personalized and timely service. 

The team at DLA LLP has the knowledge and experience to offer financial, business and tax advice, but before that happens we start by taking the time to get to know you, after all that’s how all great relationships start.

We go further and beyond the numbers to earn your trust by helping you achieve your goals and objectives. 

No two people or businesses are the same. You may be looking for advice to help grow your company, or you may need help protecting your personal legacy when life throws you for a loop. 

We encounter questions from people in all kinds of situations ranging from “I’m starting a new business venture, how should it be structured to minimize income tax?” to “I want to retire on a beach in Maui, how can we make this happen?” 

Our mission is to provide you with the right answers at the right time.

Our depth of tax knowledge and experience ensures we look for the tax efficiencies and savings in the opportunities and challenges you face, such as a sale or acquisition of a business, a death in the family, or a marital or business breakup. 

Effective tax planning is one of the cornerstones to attaining your financial goals and retiring without worrying about the future. Let our team help you.