David G. Baker is a Criminal Defence Lawyer providing focused legal guidance to defendants throughout the Lower Mainland.

He has practiced exclusively as a defence lawyer for over 30 years.

A skilled negotiator, David’s toughness, creativity and keen understanding of both sides of the law have helped him secure numerous legal victories, and made him a trusted confidant to defendants from a wide range of backgrounds.

David believes teamwork and sound client relationships are vital to achieving legal success, and works to form strong collaborative partnerships with defendants.

Developing this mutual understanding allows him to determine the best legal course of action, and aggressively fight prosecution as a team.

Given what’s at stake in any criminal case, David understands it’s fundamentally important that defendants understand their rights, make their voice heard, and not allow their reputation or livelihood to be compromised by aggressive prosecution.

If you or someone you know is under the threat of criminal prosecution, contact David today for a free initial consultation.