Cutting Edge Landscaping Inc. has been creating beautiful landscapes in and around Edmonton since 1990.

At Cutting Edge, we join our skills and experience with our client’s visions and ideas. That synergy leads to inviting outdoor living spaces that people can enjoy for years.

We are actively involved in many different professional associations in an effort to be recognized as a leader in the landscaping industry and keep our corporate finger on the pulse of the construction industry in Alberta.

We pride ourselves on diligently managing time-lines, budget concerns, and complete transparency in our communication with clients and consultants.

Communication and transparency are essential in all our endeavors.

Consistent performance and a commitment to upholding industry standards, in our installs and safety, are the keys to our ongoing success.

Unwavering attention to detail, reliable service and a personal step-by-step approach with every client has built Cutting Edge Landscaping’s solid reputation.

We communicate with our clients from start to finish on every project.

Our commitment to help clients achieve their desired landscaping results every time, on time, has built a referral rate that is amongst the highest in the industry.