CrossFit Indestri opened its doors in September 2010 in Collingwood, ON.

We have grown from a 2,700 square foot facility to 7,800 square feet in December 2013.

How did Indestri grow so quickly? Simple, our coaching staff is the most experienced in CrossFit in the area.

We were able to take our gym to the next level by our outstanding community of members ranging in the 300s.

Having a supportive, caring staff, and even greater support our members give to each other has led to the growth of our gym.

We promote inclusiveness for everyone, and frown upon negativity or “egos”. They have no place at Indestri.

CrossFit is a great way to be come healthy and Indestri believes in the general philosophy of CrossFit as it has broken down the barriers between weightlifting, cardio and body weight enthusiasts as well is opening doors to those who have historically avoided fitness.

However, we have recognized the issues related to high intensity workouts and have built programming that adapts and uses relative intensity with the health of our members in mind.

Indestri has been adamant about hiring the right people for the job.

We do not accept applications or resumes from anyone, but instead watch the interaction of members who stand out with exercises.

Their personality is the most important part.

We offer more than just CrossFit.

We have a barbell club for those looking for strength training, and boot camps for those looking to be whipped into shape.

We have the largest facility north of the city, allowing multiple classes and programs to be run simultaneously.

We are family strong. More than 200 households in the Collingwood area attend our facility on a regular basis.