Fine Furniture Supplier
Cosmos Furniture is a wholesale supplier serving the fine furniture market with a design collection that caters to a variety of tastes and architectural styles.

Our reputation precedes us as a distributor of unique, luxurious and finely crafted pieces that vastly improve the ambiance of any home’s décor.

International designs rich in culture and unforgettable in appearance pave the road to some of the most exceptional interior living spaces a home has to offer.

Design and Construction
Cosmos Furniture honors an Era of Aristocracy that meets the demands of the modern, ever-changing North American Lifestyle.

With flawless design and contemporary building techniques each piece makes a strong statement that continues through the generations.

Paying particular attention to attractiveness of appearance, quality of raw materials and durability of construction, our pieces are made to last.

A Relationship to be Valued
Bedroom, kitchen, family, dining and living room furniture – COSMOS FURNITURE is your answer for one-of-a-kind designs in a variety of materials.

Our team of designers works vigilantly to keep pace and stay current with fresh styles and trendy pieces.

We help you portray exclusivity and architectural richness in your showroom all year round.

At COSMOS FURNITURE, we believe that it is up to us to make sure you look your best in the eyes of your consumers.

Dependable Service
As part of our continued obligation to you as our retail partner, we offer extensive inventory selection and quick turnaround.

At any given time, Cosmos Furniture carries 90% of its full stock on hand.

This enables us to deliver high quantities – on demand, any time. Impress each new customer with a showroom that has the grace, appeal and beauty that can only come from timeless products with exceptional craftsmanship.

Designs Your Consumers Want
Cosmos Furniture has the international knowledge and expertise to provide North American consumers with innovative designs, expressive styles and stunning architecture that transcends through time.

A showroom that highlights COSMOS FURNITURE presents its customers with an opportunity to brilliantly furnish their homes with class and undeniable originality.