Cookies by George has been wowing people with its gourmet cookies and gifts since 1983. Judah Busheikin liked the cookies so much, he bought the first franchise in 1985 and the company in 2001. With the purchase of Great Cookies By George, the company's head office moved to Edmonton, Alberta from Kingston, Ontario.

What about the rumour that George puts something addictive in the cookies? The cookies are so scrumptious because they are made from scratch--in small batches using only natural ingredients: such as real eggs, the best grades of brown sugar, butter, and hand-cut Belgian chocolate. There is no scrimping on quality and no preservatives are added. We still use the original recipes George developed in 1983.

If there is a secret ingredient: It's the divinely delicious Belgian chocolate. It is said chocolate contains a substance which stimulates the same reaction as falling in love. Scientists are discovering chocolate is healthy too. What great news!

Which cookie is George's favourite? It's the Double Trouble Chocolate Chunk, the cookie with dark chocolate everywhere from the batter to the big chunk on top.

And is there really a George? Yes, of course. He claims to be "retired" but he keeps showing up at work. George consults and does quality control--both of which seem to involve much taste-testing.

Cookies By George has stores across western Canada. The company has retail locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Regina, and Winnipeg. Warning: tempting aromas waft through the store as each outlet bakes cookies fresh every day. To find a store, please click on locations.

Cookies By George delivers anywhere in Canada and the United States.

Source: Cookies by George online