I Can Clean My Home No Problem.

Why Should I Pay a Third Party, Let Alone Pay a Premium, to Do Something I Already Know How to Do Myself?

Our service is based on your need. If you have time and desire to clean, by all means we are delighted for you.

Who Is This For?

Our best and favourites clients are the ones who: 

  • Do not have the time due to work commitments
  • View this task as a necessity yet a worry and headache
  • Those who don't know how to clean in preparation for guests, open houses or special occasions...

For clients who are always at work: involved in their profession or business, using our weekly and biweekly maintenance cleaning packages is a lucrative investment.

As, when they are paid over $50 an hour or more in their field, they lose money if they spend time cleaning rather than working.

For clients who appreciate a clean home or office space: yet, are stressed over cleaning, our service is one that takes all the stress and management away.

Our trustworthy, bonded, professionally trained cleaners are paid exactly for their organization skills, to bring to your life hygiene, tidiness and well-being.

For clients who just don't know where to start cleaning for events: like a Christmas party,  anniversary or open house, then they do not want to risk being embarrassed when the clean-freak in-laws or potential buyers arrive in scrutiny.

We have spring clean, deep clean, pre-stage clean, before and after party clean packages tailored to suit all occasions.