Welcome to Canada remote and key, a supplier of transponder keys, blanks, proximity remotes and keyless entry systems.

In Canada, there is a desperate need from the consumer for affordable fobs and remotes.

This is what has inspired us to distribute dealer oem brands as well Strattec, Ilco, and Hata.

Working with our distributors in the industry, we can provide keyless remotes, key fob replacements, remote car start, and car key fob security products, far less then your local dealerships in your area.

We all know life happens and when you do lose your fob keys, car remote or cars with keyless start, know that your getting quality products from us.

What we found is, when you lose your fob or transponder key the dealership knows they can charge you up to $400 dollars to replace your keyless entry system.

You work hard for your money and we want you to keep it in your pocket.

By coming to Canada remote and key you will save up to 60% off dealership prices on oem keyless entry locks, key fobs and transponder keys.

Dealers suggest that you need to replace proximity remotes at the dealer but that is entirely false.

All products are paid in Canadian dollars but priced at American prices.