At Buddies Natural Pet Food, we use human grade whole, raw foods to create our Raw Pet Food for Dogs and Cats.

Sourcing our foods locally and seasonally, we make our pet food by hand, with love in the Cowichan Valley.

We believe in a balanced, species-appropriate diet for dogs and cats; A diet that has fresh unadulterated whole foods to fuel their bodies.

We believe that living bodies have everything needed to fight disease and that when given a good nutritional foundation that animals are able to live long and healthy lives, while also being able to combat any diseases that may arise.

We would not presume to be able to survive and thrive off of a diet of kibble and water alone; so why is it that we think our four-legged friends can?

Kibble was created in the 1950’s, and since then there has not been enough time for Dogs and Cats to evolve enough to be able to digest the ‘food’ that is conventionally given to them.

Having a species appropriate diet takes into account what they would naturally eat in the wild, and then creating the closest thing we can to that.

We at Buddies have always worked diligently at developing a variety of different protein-based raw food blends, that contain the right amount of balanced ingredients for your animals at an affordable price.

On staff, we have a carnivore nutritionist certified in Small Animal Naturopathy, Animal Health Coach, and Carnivore Nutrition that we work closely with and collaborate with some holistic vets to ensure your pet is not missing any nutrients and remains healthy on this diet.

At Buddies Natural Pet Food, we want to see all our buddies’ live long and comfortable lives.