My desire to widen my skill as a goldsmith was the drive behind creating Bobbi's Jeweller.

I absolutely love furthering my skills and techniques as a craft women and feel as though I have really developed my own style and unique qualities with in my designs. 

My process is completely handcrafted I do not cast any of my pieces they are all developed formed and created with my hands.

I do set all gemstones and create all settings, along with chain and earring components.

It is my goal to maintain a handcrafted vibe with all my jewellery designs. 

What are My favorite things about running Bobbi's Jeweller?

1- My favorite metal to work with is yellow gold all items in my shop can be custom made in yellow gold and white gold please request a custom order if you are interested.

2- My favorite part in the process is setting gemstones, I work exclusively in genuine gemstones and am currently studying gemology.

3- My favorite part of owning my own business is the freedom to create my own hours.

Since I have a family I can really focus more on them instead of working massive hours for a company that takes time and energy away from my true loves and passions. I am truly grateful to have this opportunity.

4- My favorite part of having an online business is connecting with people around the world. I find it so cool that people from other countries and even my own country outside of my area are able to find my Jewellery and purchase it. It really makes the world a smaller place.

Without an online business I would never have been able to have such a widespread reach.