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Big It Up grew out of the streets of Toronto, Canada and came into being in the summer of 1996, the result of a unique collaboration. A group of friends got together. Tired of the same old same old, we were fed up with the mediocrity of so much of what was on the market. Just too many second-rate goods that reflected second-rate thinking and a lack of respect for a public that deserves better. We recognized in ourselves a yearning for quality and we knew that if we felt that way, then others must too. We knew that if people saw quality, they'd respond to it, they'd respect it, be proud of it, they'd "big it up."

And that is just what happened. Our company has been growing rapidly, but no amount of growth will allow us to lose our commitment to the principles that made us popular in the first place. At Big It Up, the quality of our products speaks for itself, and that quality -- the finest fabrics, painstaking attention to details of design, material, color and fit -- is matched by the quality of our service and the quality of environment that we share with you, in our stores, at our kiosks, on this website.

When you see the Big It Up team, you see the face of Toronto, the world's most multicultural city. We are people from every corner of the globe -- Africa, Asia, India, the Caribbean, the Philippines, Europe -- all working under the same roof, working the way people are supposed to; namely, together. Black, white, young and old, male and female, the differences make all the difference and no difference at all. And out of this great mix comes the Big It Up style.

Big It Up provides financial and other support to various literacy and educational programs in Canada. What goes around comes around, and we'd like to see you around. So check us out and welcome to our circle.

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