Everyone talks about “exceeding expectations” when talking about service.

At Bell Alliance exceeding expectations is merely the starting point of great service.

So what makes us different?

  • we have a standard of service based on the phrase: “How would you like your mother to be treated” which sets standard far higher then “exceeding expectations.”
  • we have another expression which speaks to accountability – “if you make a mistake put your hand up” – we openly acknowledge when we fail to provide great service and do everything we can to make it right
  • our lawyers are the primary point of contact for all clients
  • we work closely with our clients’ other professional advisors
  • we have developed a network of professional and service providers who we trust to provide referrals for our clients to industry leaders


Bell Alliance leads the legal industry and other businesses in innovation.

We have been recognized by Adobe as “the firm of the future” due to the many steps we have undertaken to reduce the consumption of paper – not quite paperless but continuing our relentless pursuit to get there.

So what makes us different?

  • electronic signature with clients executing documents on tablets
  • client remote access to their files
  • professional studio and staff to provide timely and relevant video information to clients
  • automated document preparation
  • fully electronic based filing system.


Bell Alliance is passionate about supporting our community both locally and internationally.

We are fortunate to live in one of the most safe and stable countries in the world.

We believe that with our good fortune comes a responsibility to help others whether to its in the areas of arts and culture, health, environment, international aid or a number of other areas – they are all deserving of our support.

So what make us different?

We contribute in different ways to help meet different needs and we work with our staff and clients to bring to their attention the importance of contributing in their own way to what is important to them.

We visually display our community support throughout our offices to offer subtle encouragement.