Bayview Community Preschool is a unique, licensed, nonprofit Parent Involvement Preschool (PIP) that fosters a love of learning by following a play-based learning model.

Where parents are welcomed and invited to share in, and support, their child’s first “school experience”.

We also offer Bayview Treehouse Nature Program which operates 3 days a week and meets at Jericho Beach.

Here the children learn to build shelters, tie knots, climb, explore and play in natures natural playground which provides a setting for natural play in the invigorating fresh air.

Children are delighted to sing nature songs, create eco art and learn about the vegetation and animals that surround them.

Rain or shine, we dress for all weather.

Our preschool aims to inspire curiosity, independence and self-discovery in children and fosters a sense of community in parents, educators and children.

We also aim to provide a nurturing play-based environment that guides young children on the adventure of self discovery and provides a model of community which builds children’s self esteem and problem solving skills while fostering respect for themselves and others.