Appliance Outlet opened in 2006.

It was founded by Darko Ilic that had years of experience in appliance repair back in Europe, years of experience in appliance repair and sales in Edmonton, Certified Appliance Technician Red Seal and lots of enthusiasm to make difference on how appliances are sold and repaired in Edmonton, difference on how customers are treated.

And to this day they are doing it; making a difference – valuing every single customer and giving them experience like no other store.

When In 2010. One of the Edmonton’s best and oldest refrigeration businesses owners decided to semi-retire, Darwin Carter of AC Refrigeration approached Appliance Outlet to take over his clients and to keep him semi working.

Seven years later, this relationship is still working great, offering to customers years of experience and customer service like no other place.

Store always specialized in new scratch & dent appliances but the real breakthrough was in 2011.

When General Electric decided to close down some of their clearance centers and offered to Appliance Outlet to become a receiving centre for all returned GE product in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

In 2012. GE decided to close their clearance centre in Vancouver, and again offered to Appliance Outlet to become the receiving centre for all returned GE product in BC.

Back in 2006.

Appliance Outlet started with 1 employee, and the owner himself, and today 11 years later Vancouver store employs 3 full time people, and Edmonton store employs 11 full time employees and 2 sub-contractors, Darko, his wife Ana and their older son Lazar work full time hours along with their 13 colleagues in Edmonton.

Their younger son Stefan also sometimes helps at the store.

All of the employees are long term staff – Darko wanted to make a difference for employees also; this small business has a benefit plan, birthdays are recognized, sick days are paid, each employee gets an appreciation/loyalty bonus at the end of the year based on years of employment and efforts, and staff that works Saturdays has paid lunch all these years.