Anderdon Child Care believes that learning happens when children have positive interactions with responsive teachers and peers in a safe, licensed, inclusive and supportive atmosphere.  

Our goal is to build self esteem within children, support friendships and promote growth across all domains of development while facilitating learning in a way that is fun and active.  
We subscribe to an Inquiry Based and Emergent Curriculum Teaching Philosophy.  

The Role of the Educator is to observe children to discover their emerging interests, teachers will develop and implement activities that support these emerging interests and the skill levels of all children.  

Children are encouraged to learn new skills; as well as, practice acquired skills.  

Our educators set up an enriching environment filled with interesting toys and materials that invite exploration.    

We value the ideas of children and their ideas are central to our program planning, we feel this approach to developing curriculum is consistent with how children learn.

Friendship is so important for a healthy childhood.  

Teachers set children up for friendship and ensure that all children are happy and engaged in play with peers.  

Educators nurture self esteem and the well being of the whole child in a safe and accepting environment that allows children choice and freedom within limits.  

Our teachers set up enriching activities and experiences that extend learning, entice and inspire children and bring friends together naturally.

Anderdon Child Care deeply values the benefits of outdoor play.  

Children will have the opportunity to participate in co-operative games and engage in outdoor exploration.  

Educators plan exciting active games for children to participate in and children are provided with a variety of outdoor equipment to promote gross motor and physical development.

Our goal is to provide children and families with quality child care; and as such, we welcome feedback with gratitude.  

We strive to address and remedy concerns as quickly as possible. We want the very best for children and their families.