The Alberta Diamond Exchange family is comprised of a group of talented and passionate individuals who have extensive knowledge of fine jewelry and the diamond industry, a varying range of skill sets, diversity, and who continuously crave knowledge so that they can continue to be some of the best in the fine jewelry and diamond industries.

We are proudly recognized and accredited by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

An Idea Was Born

We don't have a century-old timeline or a history of generations of diamond traders, diamond cutters, and jewelers.

What we do have is an incredible passion for diamonds and jewelry not to mention personalized service no matter where you live in the world.

We are a first generation jeweler that transcends all generations and all borders - our goal is to make the diamond business more transparent and more ethical through our fine jewelry store.

This vision of what Alberta Diamond Exchange is today was inspired by our founder and President, Darren Martin.

After over 30 years of working in the diamond retail industry with some of North America's largest jewelry chains, Darren saw the need to educate clients about the diamond industry and give them the tools to make an informed decision before purchasing a diamond.

As a result, Alberta Diamond Exchange was established and Darren's quest for a transparent diamond purchasing experience was realized when we opened our doors in in 1999.

Since its inception, Alberta Diamond Exchange has grown to be a world-recognized, trusted and respected jeweler and diamond exchange.