Known as the Jewel in the Crown of Longwood Station, the brewpub starts with stunning views of the Vancouver Island mountain range and spectacular sunsets nestled beside a cozy rock fireplace.

It’s all set up to offer you an environment to enjoy the brewing and culinary excellence we’ve become famous for, one of Nanaimo’s premier destinations.

At Longwood we’re committed to offering you nothing but the best and our chefs strive for the freshest ingredients all while making sure as much as possible is locally sourced.

We are committed to sustainability and that means we do it right, all of the time.

We don’t filter our beer so as to allow it to retain its vitamins, minerals, nutrients and natural flavours.

This attention to detail means we strive for perfection with every drink and food item we serve, the only way worth doing it, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.