One of Joe Fortes many unique qualities is the immediate sense of character and personality that guests recognize the moment they step inside.

The large, bright room feels instantly powerful yet inviting, and it’s no coincidence that these qualities were also embodied by the legendary figure that we take our name from Seraphim “Joe Fortes”.

In 1885, this burly seaman landed upon Vancouver’s shores and settled into a cabin in English Bay.

There, Joe quickly became one of Vancouver’s most popular citizens, serving Vancouverites in a variety of ways first as a bartender and later as Vancouver’s first official lifeguard.

Today, he is remembered by a monument near the site of his home, and his popularity lives on inside the welcoming walls of Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House.


With our name inspired by a local legend famous for his warm, welcoming nature, we naturally believe that hospitality is a key ingredient in creating a memorable dining experience for our guests.

We also firmly believe in engaging in fresh thinking throughout the restaurant, and nowhere more so than on our menus.

Such is our commitment to freshness that our kitchen receives daily local deliveries, ensuring that you’re guaranteed to find the freshest ingredients on your plate every day.