Zake “Jake” Habib believed that a man’s worth was the integrity of his handshake and his word.

Packing little more than his principle, he reluctantly left his wife and children in native Lebanon and immigrated to Canada.

It was 1967, the year that attracted thousands to participate in the International and Universal Exposition, a world fair hosted by Montreal to recognize our country’s centenial.

Unlike these visitors, Habib was not here to be festive; he celebrated Canada’s hundredth birthday by working to fulfill a promise made in the old country; a better life for his family.

He moved in with his brother Bashir, sharing a tight but friendly Spryfield apartment.

Four years later, Habib’s wife Evelyn crossed the Atlantic with their sons Fred, Vic and Joe.

They would also be blessed with a daughter, Lorraine, and Habib wasted no time teaching his youngsters about the world.