A lot of love went into designing the space.

We spent 2 years designing, sourcing products, and renovating 425 Bank Street.

We wanted to take the concept of using sustainable and local products into the design as well.

We have worked with some amazing professionals, vendors, and producers including Linebox Studios who designed the space, Inter_ex our General Contractor, Interversion in Montreal who made all of the tables and banquette (in Drummondville, Quebec), the Modern Shop on Sussex who helped us with our lights and downstairs tables, a Modern Space on Wellington helped us with our amazingly comfortable chairs and bar stools, Gusto Metalworks, who built our beautiful Zinc bar and Le Collectif Design who did an amazing job with our icons and branding.

There are a ton of talented people around us and we have loved working with them to make fauna what it is.

We also have a private room that is available and can seat up to 24 people (if you’re interested, give us a shout at 613.563.2862 or [email protected])