Location, Location, Location… When Calories was conceptualized as a small coffee shop and first opened in 1986 it was ahead of it’s time in more ways than one.

Broadway did not quite impart the vibrant feelings one experiences today.

The Broadway Theatre next door had a different kind of clientele, trendy shops, sidewalk sales and community events were not the norm then!

Things have changed and most if not all residents, community members and leaders are thrilled that the district is thriving and these changes have benefited the neighbourhood in so many ways!

Real ingredients and flavours, two pillars of the restaurant, were built uncompromisingly into the operation from the very beginning.

Wow, did these ever strike a chord with Saskatoonians!

You have embraced and supported Calories’ real food from day one and families spanning three or even four generations have and are still enjoying Calories’ principles of simple, local and delicious meals today.

The Calories experience is about so much more than just food. It is about sustainability and community.

We make a sincere effort to educate our staff on all aspects of food and wine, it is the basis of our service philosophy.

Our dedicated and hard working team is the link between local growers and suppliers, our kitchen and you our guests.

Our emphasis on smart, witty and intelligent people and French service inspired guidelines allows us to let you experience real true cuisine, not stuffy classic, not pretentious contemporary but real, simple, fresh and seasonal.