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The Sorrentino's Story

Sorrentino's restaurants have been in operation for over 30 years. Sorrentino's started off as Sorrento. The first Sorrento restaurant opened in 1979 in the Castle Downs area of Edmonton, Alberta. This venture began with very limited financial resources, but with much "sweat" equity. Through hard work, perseverance and personal sacrifice, the business grew. The Sorrento name eventually evolved into what it is today - Sorrentino's. The name was changed to make it a national trademark and thus make it easier to expand. In 1986, the first Sorrentino's restaurant opened in Edmonton, Alberta and is still in operation today.

The founders of Sorrentino's, Maurizio Saccomanno and Carmelo Rago, Father-In-Law and Son-In-Law, made a good team. Their skills and knowledge complemented each other. Maurizio looked after the "back of the house" and Carmelo was responsible for the "front of the house." Both were fully committed to uncompromising product quality and 100% guest satisfaction. Although he is no longer with us, Maurizio Saccomanno's legacy lives on in Sorrentino's. His ethics and skills continue to guide us toward growth and prosperity. Today the proprietors of the Sorrentino’s name and concept are Carmelo Rago and Maria Saccomanno - wife of the late Maurizio Saccomanno.

Above all, Sorrentino’s is committed to the community in which they serve. Their annual festivals and events are always in support of a special cause. In particular they are committed to supporting Sorrentino’s Compassion House "A home away from home for breast cancer patients and their families.”

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