Both Hands Wood-Fired Pizzeria & Bakery is a combination of a traditional Italian pizzeria and a restaurant/bakery bringing together local Northwestern Ontario products and people.

All of our delicious rustic breads and pizzas are baked in our hand-built wood-fired dome oven.

The oven allows us to bake high-hydration dough at high temperatures to achieve bread with a thin, chewy crust with the moisture sealed in so that the loaves are preserved without additional additives.

The wood-fired technique also lets us make great thin crust pizzas right in front of you.

Our sourdough and whole grain breads are made with organic flours or flour that is grown and milled in Thunder Bay and the area.

Our breads contain no dairy, no added fats or oils, and no sugar – pretty much just flour, water and salt.

Most of our baking for breads and pizza crust uses a natural leaven or sourdough, instead of conventional yeast.

Why sourdough? Unfermented grain is really difficult to digest.

By fermenting our dough over a long period with a natural leaven, we make bread that is rich in flavour with nutrients that can easily be absorbed.

Some people find that they can eat Both Hands Wood-Fired Pizzeria & Bakery bread and feel great when conventional bread doesn’t agree with them.

Our bread made with spelt flour is particularly suited for these folks.

And, for those of you who aren’t interested in healthy hyperbole, our Peasant Bread is made with commercial yeast that tastes great!

Our pizzas feature high quality classic Italian toppings including olives, artichokes and roasted red peppers, generous sprinklings of Gouda cheese on a thin sourdough crust.

We try to get as many ingredients as possible from local producers, and when we can’t, we seek out the highest quality products from local shops and suppliers.

We welcome pick-up or dine in. Our restaurant/bakery has a cozy atmosphere with handcrafted furniture and the warmth of the wood-fired oven.